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What is Anti-Aging?

Aging is inevitable, but how you age can be controlled. During the aging process, each cell in your body slows down and an imbalance at the cell communication level occurs. The thinning dermal layer and loss of muscle tone and failure to produce new skin is the product of the imbalance.

What Are the Signs of Aging Skin?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: fine lines are small shallow wrinkles that become noticeable around the eyes, commonly referred to as laugh-lines or crow’s feet. Wrinkles are a deeper fine line, that may stay remain noticeable even when the skin is relaxed.
  • Dark spots: the hyperpigmentation that is caused by many different occurrences such as acne or sun damage
    Sagging skin: as you age, your body starts losing its collagen and elastin which are the proteins in your skin that assist with your skin’s ability to stretch and bounce back.
  • Dull skin: Common causes; lifestyle, health issues, stress, environmental issues, lack of exfoliation, dehydration …
  • Open pores: as you age, your pores have the ability to grow and open up. Open pores can occur anywhere on the face, chest, back or upper arm.

How Ashgrove Spa Can Help

There are three types of layers of the skin that need to be reached and treated when addressing aging skin; epidermis, dermis and muscles. Ashgrove Spa offers many different anti-aging skin care options such as our chemical peels with hyaluronic acid and facials which help stimulate collagen and gain elasticity. For best results, we also offer skin tightening with radiofrequency, microneedling to improve skin texture, Fractional laser and IPL photo facial for even out skin tone and to reduce large pores and visible capillaries.

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