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What is Pre-Aging?

Premature aging is when a person look older than they actually are. The cause can be free radical damage from environmental factors such as excessive sun exposure, unhealthy lifestyle, poor skin care. Aging is a part of life, but the rate at which we age can be slowed down through a broad spectrum of aging treatments and anti-aging products to prevent both premature aging and the look of fine lines and wrinkles.


The symptoms of premature aging are similar to the normal aging process. However, it starts earlier than typically. Signs of aging include:

  • Loss of a glowing complexion
  • Dark under-eye circles
  • Dry skin/skin that is starting to lose moisture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lack of collagen and elastin

Tips for Avoiding Premature Aging

Protect your skin from the sun every day: you should apply sunscreen every day to all the skin that is not covered by clothing. Whether you are spending the day outside or running errands, sun protection is crucial in order to further prevent sun damage and skin cancer. Make sure to wear SPF 30 or higher and remember to reapply!

Fix your diet: eating foods with high vitamin A, B, C and E and high omega-3 fatty acids will help your healthy skin from free radical damages.

Drink a lot of water: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body is made up of 80% of water, and when your body lacks hydration, it starts to thin out and sag.

Relax: chronic high-stress lives are perfect for aging quickly. From the effects stress places on our facial wrinkles, it also affects everything from the way we carry ourselves to the energy we project. Try and treat yourself to a facial that will hill help combat wrinkles, brighten up dull skin. Facials can use glycolic acid, collagen infused and hyaluronic acid that can restore the skin’s firmness and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Take care of your skin: monthly facial treatments aren’t just a pleasantry for the sake of it. The ingredients used by professional estheticians can help your skin fight signs of aging and reverse any damage that may have started showing.

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