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Sensitive Skin

What is Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and prone to being reactive. Any skin type can become sensitive. This typically happens when your skin’s natural barrier is weakened and is broken down due to specific triggers such as harsh weather, sun exposure, dry skin, cosmetic ingredients, and medication, thus causing discomfort to your skin. It is a skin condition caused by nerve endings in the top layer that are triggered when the skin is disturbed. We recommend treating skin sensitivity prior to any other skin condition.

Four Different Skin Types

There are four different skin types that a person may have. The skin type we have is determined by our genetics. However, what we can control is the condition our skin is treated with and how our skin feels.

  • Normal skin: widely used to refer to well-balanced skin. The sebum and moisture are balanced and the skin is neither too dry nor too oily.
  • Dry skin: this form of skin lacks moisture and can feel tight, rough and dull. It is typically prone to sensitivity.
  • Oily skin: oily skin is described as a skin type with overproduction of sebum. It is characterized as having a glossy shine and visible pores.
  • Combination skin: as the name suggests, this skin type is a mixture between all the skin types that vary in the T-zone and the cheeks.

Tips on Minimizing Skin Reactions:

  • Protect your skin: by using sun protection, it acts as a skin barrier function in order to deflect the UV rays of the sun away from your body.
  • Wash your hands: people carry a lot of bacteria on their person, therefore try to refrain from touching your skin and keep your hands clean so it is harder for bacteria to spread.
  • Book a weekly/monthly facial: sensitive skin cannot be completely healed, however, with the right regime and proper facial, you can protect and prevent the skin from irritation by ensuring your skin is hydrated and moisturized.
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