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What is a spa?

By definition, a spa is a curative mineral spring. Therapeutic spa treatments using products of the sea were practiced by the Romans in the south of France as early as 450BC. Today, a spa embodies a variety of aesthetic and therapeutic treatments designed to foster a strong sense of well-being.

Does my doctor have to recommend massage therapy so that I can get a medical receipt to claim on my extended health insurance plan?

No. You can simply make an appointment at your choice of spa. As long as a registered massage therapist provides the treatment, you will receive a receipt with the therapists’ registration number to claim on your extended health insurance coverage. Note that all massages are not performed by RMTs – such as aromatherapy, reflexology and others which are performed by professionals certified in their respective disciplines.

I’ve never been to a real spa and I’m very modest even in my doctor’s office. Will I be comfortable taking body treatments or having massage?

Therapists at all accredited 5-Star Spas will ensure your modesty and comfort. Special draping techniques guarantee that only the body part being worked on is exposed. The rest of your body is covered in sheets and towels.

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my first spa visit?

Most spas have guidelines and spa etiquette to assist new spa-goers prepare for first visits. Visit the various websites of the accredited 5-Star Spas to determine what to take with you, arrival times, specific policies, etc.

Is there an economical introduction to spa services?

Many spas offer mini facials, half-hour massages, and combined services in packages. Visit the various accredited 5-Star Spas’ websites to determine your numerous options.

Do medical problems or medications preclude me from having spa treatments?

There are certain medical conditions or allergies which can preclude specific treatments. Prior to starting any treatment, you will be required to complete a health assessment form so that an appropriate spa experience may be provided to you. Be assured that all accredited 5-Star Spas uphold the highest standards in treatment protocols and products used.

Is it true that one should drink liquids following spa treatments?

Absolutely. The body needs to be rehydrated because of treatments that release toxins through perspiration.

How do I decide which spa getaway would best suit my needs?

You can browse the websites of accredited 5-Star Spas, phone each spa to determine their packages, or simply call the 5-Star Spas office to discuss your requirements. This is especially helpful if you’re planning a spa getaway for a group.

Can my spouse, partner, or friend and I have treatments together?

Most spas offer couples’ treatments in specially designed treatment rooms. The treatments don’t have to be identical and this provides a wonderful bonding process to share – even if one of you falls asleep. Of course many spas provide manicure and pedicure lounges where small groups can share the experience.

What happens if I fall asleep during treatment?

Many people fall asleep during certain treatments – even though they’d much prefer to be awake and not miss any wonderful part of the treatment. Therapists are accustomed to clients dozing off, and even snoring. It simply means that you’re totally relaxed, and that’s a good thing.

Why are mud and algae (seaweed) used in some treatments?

These natural resources are rich in minerals that have been absorbed for centuries from their sources of water, plants, and earth. Their medicinal properties are well documented.

Can women take treatments while menstruating?

Most treatments can be taken while menstruating but some women may not feel comfortable taking hydrotherapy treatment at this time.

Is it possible for hot stones, hot water or mud treatments to be too hot?

“Hot” is a relative term. Therapists work with the stones, water and mud in their hands so it’s unlikely clients would feel too much heat. That being said, heat can affect blood pressure and cause a feeling of weakness. Accredited 5-Star Spas will require you to complete a health history form prior to treatment so it’s important to complete it honestly. It’s equally important that you entrust these specialized treatments to the best trained professionals employed at accredited 5-Star Spas.

If I experience discomfort, for any reason, during a treatment what should I do?

Therapists want your treatment to suit your needs so just ask him or her to change the pressure of the touch, avoid touching a sensitive area, etc. Don’t be surprised if your therapist’s keen sense of touch detects a problem before you do.

Is there any way to prolong the benefits of spa treatments?

Your therapist(s) will recommend home care products and protocols that you can enjoy.