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Doctor Babor Pro Facial Treatments

TheraPRO AHA Peel Treatment


This high-performance treatment repairs moisture deficits in the skin, leaving the skin fresh, radiant, and smooth. Enjoy youthful, refined, and radiant skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. This treatment improves sebum flow, increases the moisture binding capacity in the corneal layer, and removes impurities for increased skin absorbency. Great for all skin types.

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TheraPRO CE Treatment


This highly effective repair therapy boosts skin cell regeneration and cell turnover. This facial treats stressed skin in need of regeneration and is ideal after an AHA Peel, resurfacing treatment series, or severely cold weather. You’ll enjoy stabilization of the skin’s protective barrier and healthy, smooth skin.

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TheraPRO C Treatment


This powerful treatment is great for all demanding types of skin suffering from signs of ageing such as wrinkles and loss of tone and elasticity. It specifically targets uneven skin tones that are tired-looking with a lacklustre complexion that lacks radiance. You’ll enjoy overall improvement of the skin’s tone and elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, protection against oxidative damage, leaving you when an even complexion with freshness, smoothness, and firmness. Great for all skin types.

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TheraPRO EGF Treatment


This age-defying treatment will leave your skin youthfully smooth and firm. The EGF & FGF-activating Peptides promotes skin regeneration and collagen synthesis for visibly improved skin elasticity and smoother, firmer skin. Great for all skin types.

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Therapy + Professional = TheraPRO Expert Treatments
The DOCTOR BABOR PRO line focuses on concentrated effectiveness in all products and on the use of essential, pure ingredients; precisely formulated, without fragrances or synthetic colourants, with the optimum dosage and availability for the skin. Let us advise you about which TheraPro facial treatment will achieve the maximum results for your skin type and take your skin to a new level.

The personalized DR BABOR PRO skin care therapies with high-performance formulations are based on active ingredients that sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals in ways that it never has before.
These precisely concentrated active ingredient therapies are focused on individual skin challenges. Our expert skin therapists will customize an advanced cosmeceutical treatment to obtain your optimal skin care results.

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