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Muscle Tension

What is Muscle Tension?

When you are stressed, the muscle fibres in your body tense together. Muscle tension is an involuntary reaction to stress and your body’s natural way of protecting itself against injury and pain. Typically, muscle fibres can tense up when you are stressed, have a sports injury or joint pain. Muscle tension can also be chronic pain and in that case, it is crucial that you receive treatment for discomfort and pain.


The main symptoms of muscle tension are tight muscles in the upper half of your body including your neck and jaw. While the main cause of muscle tension is stress, it can also be a result of overtiring your muscles through physical activity. This type of tension is usually localized, affecting a minimal amount of muscles or a small part of your body.

How to Reduce Muscle Tension

The best way to remedy sore muscles is to see a professional RMT that can help you get back on track through massage therapy. Massages are a focus on the tense and sore muscles that help release the knots, tightness and tension in your back, arms, legs and neck that are due to stress. Ashgrove Spa offers a variety of different massages that allow you to relieve your tense muscles through deep tissue, Aromachology Massage and La’ Stone massages in order to release the lactic acid that has built up under the skin. Lactic acid builds up in the muscles causing knotted “trigger points” to form in the body which further contributes to muscle tension.

There are many different forms of massages you can receive: Therapeutic Massage, Deep tissue, La’stone, Aromachology and more. Each type of massage targets different pressures that will allow yourself to relax and heal.

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