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Microneedling – Advanced Cell Stimulation

Microneedling is one of the advanced facial treatments Ashgrove Spa offers.Advanced Cell Stimulation with ACS– PEN® is the most updated technology in microneedling. The ACS– PEN® was designed & developed for non-surgical cosmetic procedure by the inventor of Dermroller concept, Horst Liebl. The ACS– PEN® is unique in engineering, precision and efficacy. This “State-of-the-Art” device is the culmination of the inventor’s 30 years of scientific research and practical experience with microneedles in many respects.acs-pen

ACS– PEN® unique Linear Needle Module provides pain-free treatment. A facial treatment is done in only 20 minutes

Aged and sun damaged skin should be treated in a “series” of 4-6 sessions in intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. A follow-up session or a series of treatment is recommended after 9 to 12 months, depending on the condition of the skin.

Face Treatment $360.00     Face & Neck $440.00    Face Neck Decollete $540.00

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FAQ about Microneedling and ACS– PEN®

The ACS– PEN® purpose is skin optimization by stimulation and proliferation of epidermal stem cells in the basal layer. Therefore, for best results, the ACS– PEN® operates in general with needle lengths of only 0.3 to 0.5 mm. If required to treat “deeper” conditions, the needle length can be extended to 1.5 mm. Thanks to the new Linear Needle Module (LNM) design, even at this maximum depth, no numbing cream is required! It operates on a comfortable fixed speed of 120 cycles/sec.

In contrast to common Dermarollers, the operation of the ACS– PEN® is pain-free. If the ACS– PEN® is handled in the correct manner, bleeding is obsolete. The arrangement of 10 microneedles in one line (LNM), guarantees a precise treatment with no lasting redness or downtime. Only LNM allows a very precise pricking channel number per cm2.


Aging visibly results in wrinkles. Rapid skin elongation (growth or pregnancy) may result in stretch marks. Excessive sun exposure can cause hyperpigmentation. These are natural cosmetic skin impairments that are not considered as diseases. Stem cells in our basal layer, not deeper than 0.15 mm below the skin’s surface, start to proliferate when stimulated by microneedles, the skin improves by forming new layers of keratinocytes. These facts are scientifically proven beyond any doubt.

Only a linear needle arrangement (i.e. 10 needles in one line) guarantees a precise number of pricking channels per square centimeter. They should not exceed 500 pricks/cm2. (Round needle arrangement, especially when moved over the skin in circular movements, cannot be controlled in pricking channel numbers and results in skin damage).

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