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BABOR Facials

BABOR Facials

LIFTING RX $220.00

With 2% tripeptide solution promotes firmer skin, hyaluronic acid complex and marine collagen supply intense moisture. This exceptionally active products counteracts loss of tissue firmness, reduces the depth of lines and helps to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Lends the complexion a smoother, fresher and more youthful appearance. The highly concentrated actives and peptides work to boost collagen and elastin resulting in firmer contours and a more youthful appearance.

A must for the Holidays to feel great and receive many compliments!


HYDRO RX $165.00

With triple-action hyaluronic acid and HY-3 peptides for hydrated and plump-looking skin. Triple Strength hyaluronic acid and a special NMF Moisturizing Complex help to improve moisture levels in the skin. HY-3 peptides help improve the skin’s ability to store moisture. An intense treatment for extremely dry, dehydrated skin.

This is going to be a cold weather saver for your skin!



CALMING RX  $165.00

With the exclusively plant-based active complex of cardiospermum, echium and sunflower calms irritated skin, helps to minimize redness and burning sensations and restores the skin’s natural equilibrium..

An effective facial treatment especially designed for ultra-sensitive skin that has possible issues with rosacea and/or dermatitis and for skin that is stressed due to lack of sleep, air conditioning or environmental stressors.


You are unique. And so is your skin.

Babor60A pioneer in professional skincare for over 55 years, BABOR unlocks the secrets of the finest natural, active ingredients and translates them into luxury skincare products that deliver maximum effectiveness and skin-type compatibility.

The Results: Individual skincare systems, offered in combination with professional beauty treatments that meet the needs of even the most discerning clientele and ensure a lastingly healthy complexion.

BABOR respects your individuality and the uniqueness of your skin. Skincare needs vary greatly, so choosing the right skincare products and beauty treatments is essential for long-lasting beauty.                                        more info

BABOR offers a range of treatments and products that are specially designed to treat and care for the needs of every skin type and skin condition.

SeaCreation – Miraculous beautifier from the depth of the ocean – 120 min – $290.00

seacreation2Experience Luxury during this Red Carpet Facial Treatment. SeaCreation is a combination of specially selected active ingredients from the depth of the ocean and Babor’s perfect, exclusive treatment lends skin an incomparably smooth, firm and youthful appearance. At the same time, the treatment bestows complete inner balance and a feeling of grace while activating the body’s energy systems for radiant beauty.

HSR® HIGH SKIN REFINER a new dimension in anti-aging: HSR® lifting Treatment

pca-faceHigh Skin Refiner Lifting Facial – 70 min, $220.00

Specially designed to improve the skin’s resiliency, the HSR® lifting facial uses a number of innovative complexes to firm, tone and lift your face. The skin becomes firmer and plumper with more elasticity, allowing your face to regain its youthful appearance

More information


ReVersiveFacialReVersive Anti-aging Facial Treatment 80min – $220.00

Utilizing the revolutionary timereverse technology of the BABOR Re-Youth complex, this innovative and luxury facial treatment retains and extends skin cell lifespan, reactivates the skin’s own ant-aging mechanisms and reclaims lost radiance as visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The lifting effects of this treatment are further intensified by an exclusive, intensively firming massage techniques

Your skin will look firmer and smoother with beautifully even skin tone and feel silky-soft to the touch.

Ampoule Infusion Facial – 60 min – $155.00

babor-skinovageThe products in this treatment are synergistically formulated with advanced age prevention ingredients. The enhanced pure fluids are designed for your skin’s needs and applied with specific massage and manual techniques to stimulate skin regeneration and prevent the signs of aging. After this treatment your skin will appear refreshed, radiant and younger looking

 dr-baborVisible Results without a Prescription.

Vitamin-Detox Therapy 70 min, $185.00

Skin detoxification is essential for cellular regeneration. This blend of potent vitamins and minerals will treat the skin and neutralize harmful substances that induce aging from the inside out. The resulting detoxification will allow nutrient revitalization, which is vital for maintaining youthful skin.

Cellular Refining Peel Facial Treatment – 40 min, $155.00

A light peel combining glycolic and lactic acid to lift dull dead skin cells and increase cell renewal. This express facial delivers a smoother, brighter, more refined complexion.

Cellular Repair Therapy 70 min, $ 180.00

Boosting skin cell regeneration and cell turnover, this effective repair therapy is a must for everyone looking to keep their skin young and wrinkle-free.  A beneficial treatment before surgical procedures; it is also recommended to strengthen the skin after a trauma.


An interview with Babor’s CEO, Michael Schummert: http://www.thestar.com.my/Story/?file=/2012/2/23/lifefocus/10610246

BABOR is celebrating 60 successful years!
Our clients love using BABOR skin care. These are some messages we received
– Can’t live without Babor Fluids. When I see that dullness in my skin, a good round of serums brightens, tightens and hydrates my skin.
Thank you, Diane S.
– I absolutely love my Babor Firming Neck& Decolette Cream.
Thank you, Evelin G.
– I cannot live without Babor Anti-wrinkle booster for lips. I just love it
Darlene B.
– I love the Babor Mimical Control Cream. When I put on my face, I feel that my skin is literally drinking it up.
Valerie K.
 – I just want to thank for convincing me to try the Babor C Serum. I love it, love it. My skin was looking so dull, age, hormone changes and illness. It just looks fresher, smooth and bright
Remind me to always listen to experts.              Thank you, Dian S.