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How to Conquer Stress & Erase its Effects on Your Skin

It seems the more you learn about stress, the more you realize that it affects your health in a wide range of ways. From suppressing you immune system, which increases your incidents of illness, to affecting your mental health, causing unwarranted fear and anxiety, stress attacks your health and wellbeing from all sides.

And it affects more than what’s inside of us. Stress takes a toll on your skin and appearance in a number of ways too, including:

  • Stress Brings On Premature Aging – Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, discovered that stress shortens telomeres — structures on the end of chromosomes — so that new cells can’t grow as quickly. That means the old cells stay longer and contribute to wrinkles and less muscle tone.
  • Stress Causes Acne – Your body causes inflammation in reaction to stress. Inflamed pores are more likely to become clogged.
  • Stress Decreases Collagen Production – Collagen gives your skin hair and finger nails vibrant elasticity. In its absence, you are more likely to encounter dry hair and skin, itchiness and wrinkles.

Treat Stress and Reverse its Harmful Effects on Your Skin

Fortunately, there’s one place you and go to get a one-two punch against stress and its detrimental effects: Ashgrove Spa. When you do, you can put together a combination of our therapy and beauty treatments to not only make you look your best, but to help reduce your stress symptoms.

1. Massage Therapy & Reflexology

Administered by the skilled hands of registered massage therapists, a massage treatment helps improve circulation close to your skin, improve joint and muscle function to reduce inflammation and generally relieve physical and emotional tension.

Reflexology stimulates pressure points in your feet and hands that correspond to trouble spots elsewhere in your body. When those reflexes are stimulated, it eliminates blockages caused by stress to improve blood and lymphatic flow, which in turn helps you look and feel better.

2. Beauty Treatments

From facial peels to skin tightening and fractional laser treatments, many of our medi-spa services are perfect for reducing wrinkling of the skin and to help restore its elasticity.

When you take steps to ‘de-stress’ with a relaxing massage or reflexology treatment, and reduce the signs of stress from your face and body, you also take steps to reduce the overall negative effects stress has on your health and life.

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