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Should You Get Your Eyebrows Tinted?

Eyebrows are a stand out feature on your face. They help to define and shape it, highlighting your facial features. However, they do take some work. You may find yourself getting them waxed, threaded, or plucked once a week just to keep them looking their best. One rising trend is to have your eyebrows tinted.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider doing it.

Fill In Missing Hairs

Fine eyebrow hairs can leave little gaps. Or, you may have missing hairs from over plucking or a waxing job gone wrong. Getting your eyebrows tinted can help fill in the gaps and leave your eyebrows looking fuller. Eyebrow tinting also saves you time if you use makeup products to fill them in. It’s one less thing you have to do!

Darken Hairs

For those with lighter eyebrows, you may wish they were darker. When you tint your eyebrows, your eyebrow tech can help you choose a colour that will darken them, but keep them looking natural. You can go to a darker shade of brown or make blonde eyebrows more apparent. Or, you can dye your eyebrows lighter!

More Defined Shape

Although waxing and threading help to shape your eyebrows, tinting them can leave their shape more enhanced. The edges may be more defined and you may find it helps to shape your face structure more. It may also help give your eyebrows the shape you have always wanted.

Long Lasting

You probably won’t have to get your eyebrows tinted as frequently as you get them threaded or waxed. The dye will last a few weeks and with the proper maintenance, they can last even longer. Just like hair dye, eyebrow tints will fade over time, more so if they are constantly washed. You eyebrow tech will give you instructions on how to properly maintain the dye so it is long lasting.

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