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The Benefits of Dermaplaning

The benefits of dermaplaning are extensive. The treatment involves exfoliating the skin with a medical-grade scalpel to remove the top layer of skin and fine hair known as peach fuzz. It helps stimulate new skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smooth. It is also non-invasive or painful, making it a desirable treatment for many.

Here are a few benefits of dermaplaning.

Youthful Appearance

Once you have finished your dermaplaning, your skin will appear more youthful. The removal of dead skin cells leaves your skin dewy and glowing. It can remove any uneven tones that could have built up from dead skin cells. An added bonus is that it can also help ease the appearance of dark spots from the sun. All of this contributes to a more youthful appearance.

Fewer Fine Lines

If you struggle with fine lines from aging, dermaplaning may be the solution for you. When you allow your skin to create new skin cells, it can help diminish the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles. It can also help stop the lines from appearing in the first place.

Removes Peach Fuzz

One thing many women struggle with is peach fuzz. It is that fine layer of hair that every woman has on their face. Some women may struggle more with the problem, depending on how noticeable their peach fuzz is. It can be darker or thicker depending on your hair. Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz, but it is not a permanent treatment. Your peach fuzz can grow back, but it is one way to remove it temporarily and boost your confidence.

Reap The Benefits of Skincare Products

When your pores are clean, this is the optimal time to use those high-end serums and moisturizers. Your skin is completely open after a dermaplaning treatment. This means it is able to soak up your products better than it would previously. Be sure to focus on your skincare regime right after your dermaplaning treatment to reap more of the benefits they offer!

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