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Massage Spa in Markham

Massage3-crrAn effective and immediate way to relieve physical and emotional tension, professional massage treatments also help to improve joint and muscle function, flexibility and general body tone.

Ashgrove Spa’s therapeutic massage is performed by an RMT, most extended health care plans provide full or partial coverage for this treatment.

You can also choose a gentler relaxation massage performed by a professional esthetician.

We recommended you get massage treatments every two to four weeks to maintain a healthy body.

Most extended health insurance plans cover massage therapy treatments when provided by a Registered Massage Therapist. If you have no insurance but a physician’s order for massages, you can still submit your receipts for tax reduction.

Our 10% loyalty discount applies to massage treatments also, when you return within 5 weeks for your treatment.

Massage Treatments with RMT – 60 min $106.00, 30 min $62.00, 90 min $150.00

Relaxation Massage with Esthetician – 60 min $90.00 30 min $50.00

Deep Tissue Sports Massage with RMT – 60 min $118.00

Helps to relieve pain and stiffness, prevents muscle injuries due to repetitive usage.

Pre-Natal Massage with RMT – 60 min $118.00

This therapeutic massage treatment is especially beneficial at reducing pain in lower back, hips and shoulder during pregnancy.

Aromachology Massage with RMT- 60 min $130.00

Eliminates tension and recharges energy with the essences chosen just for you.

La’Stone Massage – 60 min $148.00

This healing and relaxing massage, combined with water heated lava stones, transmits soothing warmth to release tension. Deeply relaxing, leaves you in a complete healing state.

Couples Massage

Enjoy any of our massages in the same room. Perfect for couples, mothers and daughters, or best friends.