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If Beauty is Only Skin Deep then Take Better Care of Your Skin!

With springtime finally arriving here in Markham our thoughts naturally turn to making sure you take care of your skin through the summer months. We love what we do here at Ashgrove Spa. It’s very satisfying seeing the direct results of our work in the beautiful skin and faces of our clientele.

But it can be frustrating knowing that some of those efforts might go to waste if our clients don’t look after their skin on their own. And that’s especially a problem in spring and summer when things like sun tanning and swimming pool chlorine can take their toll on the health of your skin.

That added pressure means you need to make skincare part of your everyday life. And we don’t mean just using sun screens and more skincare products. We mean taking steps to transform your everyday routines to focus more on the health of your skin.

Be Mindful of All Sun Exposure

Of course, when you’re by the pool or on the beach, you know to wear a high SPF factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen. But the sun can be just as damaging when you’re out shopping, having lunch on a patio or any time you’re outside. Always remember to protect your skin from the sun whenever you venture out in summer.

Stay Hydrated

The benefits of drinking water throughout the day run the gamut from helping you stay trim and reducing inflammation, to keeping your skin supple and wrinkle-free.

Get Active

With more threats to your skin, there’s nothing like getting a bit of activity, particularly a good sweat, to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Sweating helps keep your skin moisturized and your pores clean, which can reduce blemishes.

Feed Your Skin

Even the foods you eat can strengthen your skin, make it look better and help it defend itself. Raw vegetables and nuts are full of nutrients that your skin needs, especially broccoli, walnuts, tomatoes and red and yellow bell peppers. Avocado salads would be a good choice on the patio. And fatty fish, like sea bass, salmon and white fish, are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which help to keep your skin moist and supple.

We love to see you here at Ashgrove Spa, but we don’t like to see your skin damaged. This summer, please take care of it for us!!!

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