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TINY TALENTS Highly Concentrated = BABOR ampoules

Daily life can really take a toll on your skin. Sometimes things can get pretty tense at work. Occasionally we take time off to relax and lounge on a deck chair. Then at other times, we get stressed out shopping in town. This is where BABOR fluids come into play. These special beauty agents are as multi-faceted as our lives and therefore make the perfect accomplices. At any stage in your life they will make your skin look stunning…


Dry office air – and then while we are sitting at our computer we absent-mindedly touch our face. All that takes its toll on our skin. These specialists revitalize skin like a morning walk or mattify skin that is stressed by an imperfect working environment: Revitalizing Oxygen Fluid, Intense Balancing Fluid


Stressed-out shoppers and bargain hunters are delighted when their complexion is as fresh looking and up-to-date as their outfit. Collagen Booster Fluid with high-tech peptides effectively firms the skin and ensures a youthful look.

Frequent Flyer

The humidity level in an aircraft cabin is usually around 20 percent, but our skin needs 50 percent humidity. In addition, changing times zones, particular on long-haul flights, results in lack of sleep and leaves the complexion looking dull. Skin now needs strengthening and extra lipids. The specialist: New Skin Fluid

Special Occasions

Whether it is an important meeting, a first date or a wedding: special occasions call for special beautifying measures. And, moreover, specially tailored ones. In an emergency, Purifying Active Fluid deals with stress-related breakouts. If excitement leads to flushing, a mini yoga session with Stop Stress Fluid will relax your skin, and if you need to give your face an instant life, opt for Lift Express Fluid.

Dancing Queens

Admittedly, from a certain age onward, a leisurely dinner with friends that goes beyond midnight is considered a late night. But even if you no longer dance the night away, you can treat your skin to an extra boost of moisture or a mini-fitness program. The specialist: Hydra Plus Active Fluid and 3D Lifting Fluid


Algae Active Fluid is the beach ampoule. Not only because it harnesses the power of the sea, but also because it thoroughly moisturizes and mineralizes the skin. Perfect for mermaids and beach beauties alike.


Fresh mountain air can give skin a fantastic beauty boost. In the evening, you can then look forward to a special vitamin cocktail. Multi Active Vitamin Fluid acts just like a fresh smoothie and supplies the skin with the most important vitamins.

Incidentally: an intensive ampoule treatment lasting several weeks is sheer luxury for your skin. Triple Booster Fluid is a great way to start an intensive treatment. It reorganizes skin functions, thus enabling active ingredients to be easily processed and perform better

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