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How to Change Your Skincare Routine From Summer To Fall

As we move into fall, we need to make sure our skin stays healthy and intact. The temperature change can really affect our skin if we do not take proper care of it. This means altering your skincare routine for the upcoming fall season. Let’s go over some steps you should take when it comes to fall skincare routines.

Thicker Moisturizer

We can say goodbye to our lightweight moisturizers and hello to super hydrating, thick moisturizers. During the fall, the air gets less humid and our skin can become very dry and dehydrated. So, we have to make sure we apply heavy moisturizers to our skin to ensure it retains its moisture. Make sure you use your heavy moisturizer twice a day. Your skin will thank you!

Cut Back On Exfoliating

Since our skin tends to get a bit drier as the weather cools, exfoliating is not ideal for it. It can create little cracks in the skin that leads to loss of hydration. If you want to exfoliate once a week, that is good for the skin to get any dead skin cells off. However, once a week is the maximum amount of exfoliation your skin should receive.

Vitamin C

Our skin has been exposed to all the sunlight this past summer, so we want to make sure we repair it. Vitamin C can help reverse sun damage and boost pigmentation. It helps boost collagen production as well, so you can count on firm, youthful skin by incorporating Vitamin C in your skincare routine. It is a great way to preserve that summer glow and help enhance it too. Vitamin C helps protect the skin from the sunlight, even with sunscreen on.

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