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Vitamin C Reborn

After the Winter Months, It Is Time to Brighten Up Your Skin With a Vitamin C Serum.




It’s a great antioxidant that lightens hyperpigmentation and has collagen-boosting properties. As we spend longer time outside under the sunlight, Vitamin C is protecting our skin from pollution and ultraviolet light.

The new formulas improved a lot, they are more effective, well stabilized, and penetrate deeper. The best result you’ll get is in serum form. The proper serum formulations have the highest concentration of Vitamin C and make sure they are in protective packaging from sunlight. Less than 10% Vitamin C concentration would not have a satisfying result but more than 20% can be too irritating for daily use on your skin.

Morning Is The Best Time to Use A Vitamin C Serum


Due to its benefits of protecting your skin from pollution, ultraviolet light, and free radicals. A good Vitamin C serum never feels sticky, it can be applied as a base layer underneath whatever products you use in the morning. I like to use another hydrating serum on top, like a hyaluronic acid serum, before my cream and sun protection under my makeup. Yes, layering serums are possible and beneficial! 

My two warning advice for eliminating possible irritation; don’t use your Vitamin C serum the same day as you used a chemical exfoliator, like AHA, and never use Vitamin C together with Retinol products. Use your Vitamin C in the morning and your Retinol product at night.

Ashgrove Spa carries these wonderful Vitamin C products:


  • DR BABOR PRO C Serum with 20% stable Vitamin C concentration
  • DR BABOR Comfort Vitamin C Serum is formulated for sensitive skin
  • GUINOT Vitamin C Brightening Serum Pure VitaminC with Melanoxyl
  • Dr. Schrammek Mela White Active C Serum with stabilized vitamin C


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