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Why Make-Up Isn’t the Answer to Every Blemish on Your Face

How many times have you looked at your face in the morning and found a brown spot for the very first time? They’re the most curious things. While they couldn’t have formed over night, it seems like they come out of nowhere. And once you spot the spot, you can think of mothing else until you somehow make it disappear.

Known as liver spots, or age spots, those largish, flat brown spots are technically called solar-entigo. They are one of a number of facial ‘blemishes’, or lesions, that show up more often as we age. Other facial lesions include skin tags, spider veins and cherry angioma (they look like small red moles).

We don’t know of anyone who likes see a new blemish on their face and, as we said, the main reaction is to fixate on the problem until we do something about it.

But it’s what we do about it that can become the real problem. None of the blemishes mentioned above pose any real health risk. So, aesthetics are the only real reason to hide or remove them.

But, their appearance usually causes us so much concern and makes us want to get rid of them so quickly, many women simply choose to pile on the make-up in a misguided case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

The Problem With Makeup

Unfortunately, unless you follow a strict daily regimen of facial cleansing, you run thee risk of causing more blemishes, in the form of an acne breakout, by increasing how much makeup you use.

First, any makeup has the potential to plug pores and cause all kinds of eruptions. However, even if your skin doesn’t breakout under the makeup you use everyday, increasing the amount of makeup can change all that.

If you can’t come to terms with facial lesions, including skin tags and age spots, don’t just cover them up.

There are a variety of radio frequency skin treatments that will at very least noticeably reduce their appearance. In most cases, the legions will be difficult to notice after a course of treatments.

To learn more about using radio frequency treatments to improve the appearance of your facial skin, contact us here at The Ashgrove Spa.

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