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12 Spray Tan Tips for a Longer-Lasting Tan

With lying in the sun and roasting your skin no longer an option, you better brush up on the spray tan tips below if you want to get rid of your winter paleness this summer.

The First Spray Tan Tip

The first question you might have is whether a spray tan is right for you or if you should go for a DIY home-tanning product. Considering the horror stories about orange bed sheets and clothes that you hear about self-tanners, you are more than worth the investment in a spray tan from a professional.

More Spray Tan Tips

Now that you have your first spray tan tip, here are 11 more to help keep your spray tan colour longer.

Before Spray Tanning

Shower and Exfoliate

Shower and exfoliate with an oil-free product at least 24 hours before your spray tan appointment. This helps make sure you tan a new layer of skin instead of an old one.

Do Your Hair Removal

If you want to wax/shave before tanning, do so at least 24 hours ahead of time.

No Moisturizer or Makeup

Don’t apply moisturizer or makeup on the day of your spray tanning appointment.

Wear or Bring Loose Clothing

Especially after it’s been first applied, tight clothing can wear off the bronzing agent and reduce how long your tan will last.

Wear an Old Bathing Suit

While you can get a spray tan in the buff (who needs tanlines?), if you want to wear something, make sure it’s something that you don’t mind staining.

After Spray Tanning

Wear Loose clothing

For at least six to eight hours after treatment.

Stay Dry

Try not to sweat or get wet for six to eight hours after tanning. And don’t shower for up to 12 hours. Moisture can wash of some of the bronzing agent before it is activated.

Pat Your Skin Dry

Instead of wiping off water with a towel after showering, pat your skin dry. Rubbing with a towel can rub off some of the outer layer of skin that has been tanned, which means your tan won’t last as long.

No Cosmetics or Skincare Products

Don’t apply anything to your skin for six to eight hours after tanning.

Moisturize Daily

After the tan has fully developed, keeping the outer layer of skin hydrated is one of the best ways to make the spray tan last longer.

Don’t Wax or Shave

While it helps to do this before your tanning treatment, waxing and shaving removes the outer layer of your skin. In other words, wax or shave only if you want to lose your tan fast.

While it can be different from one person to another, your spray tan should last for five to seven days. It’s really impossible to make it last much longer because that’s how long it takes the outer layer of your skin to regenerate.

If you would like a safe, organic, non-toxic spray tan treatment, try the Vita Liberata Luxury Skin Treatment here at Ashgrove Spa.

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