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How to Wake Up Better Looking

Looking your best is an around-the-clock job. While the importance of sleep for your hair, skin and your overall health is well known, it’s a mistake to think that all you need to do is get lots of sleep.

Think of it this way. You sleep about one third of the day. If you do a few simple things to look after your hair and skin while you’re asleep, they’ll get that much more time devoted to their wellbeing – without you actually spending that much more time.

Here are just a few of the ways you can get more ‘beauty’ from your sleep.

1. It’s True What They Say About Silk

It’s very smooth. When you sleep on silk pillow cases, there is not as much friction between your skin and the fabric, which reduces wrinkly skin in the morning. And your hair gets less tangled too.

2. Sleep on Your Back

Think about gravity as constantly pulling on your skin. When you sleep on your side, your skin gets pulled to that side. When you roll over to the other side, your skin gets pulled to the other side. It’s like a tug of war and your skin is the rope. Sleeping on your back helps stop the tugging and the wrinkles it causes.

3. Always Have Fresh Bedding

Here’s something else you need to re-think to understand how damaging it can be to your skin. Would you wash with the same towel, for eight hours a day, every day for a week or more? Your pillow cases are in contact with the skin on your face more than anything else. You need to make sure they are clean to stop pore-clogging bacteria from causing a break-out. Change them at least twice a week. And take off all your make-up before going to bed so that it doesn’t end up on the pillow case.

4. Moisturize the Air

While you always should moisturize before bed, using a humidifier in your room will help restore more of the moisture lost to winter’s dry air and summer’s sunshine.

Put Your Hair to Bed

You should wear your hair up to sleep, but not in a tight bun or pony tail, because they can cause breakage. Instead, try wrapping it in a silk scarf. The idea is to keep your hair, and its oils, from being in constant contact with your face all night long. And you’ll not wake up with a bird’s nest on your head in the morning.

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