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How to Extract a Pimple With Minimal Scarring

You’ve just woken up from a great sleep. Stumbling into the washroom, you turn on the light to brush your teeth when you notice a new friend – a pimple!  While there are numerous reasons why pimples occur, we’ve created an easy video tutorial to show you how to extract a pimple and safely remove it with minimal scarring. We recommend to always wash your hands prior to touching your face and before you begin the extraction.


Steps on How to Extract a Pimple

  1. Thoroughly wash your hands
  2. Wrap both of your index fingers in gauze or cotton pads
  3. Place index fingers on either side of the pimple or blemish
  4. Using slight pressure, begin to push downwards on either side of the pimple giving it a slight squeeze
  5. The pimple should pop and slowly start to extract
  6. Lighten up on the pressure as fluid is released
  7. Stop once the liquid is clear and apply pressure for a few seconds with a cotton ball
  8. Take a cotton pad and apply toner to the affected area
  9. Follow up with your normal skincare cleansing routine and let it heal


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