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How to Have Fingernails that Look Manicure-Fresh

While we would love to see you every time you need a manicure, we know that’s not always possible. The downside is, without a regular manicure, your finger nails can lose that great, ‘just been manicured’ look after just a week or two.

So we thought we’d answer some common questions we get about nail care and offer a few tips to make yours look great between manicures.

1. How Can I Make My Nail Polish Last Longer?

This is probably the number one question we get about nail polish. Of course we all want our nails to look great for as long as possible. Unfortunately, as soon as you paint them, there are ‘forces’ at work literally chipping away them.

The key to longer lasting nail polish is in the right preparations and the right finishing. Before you start, wash your hands and let them dry thoroughly. Make sure there are no oils or residue on your nails before you start.

Use a good base polish so colour adheres properly, which helps is last longer. Make sure to use a strong top coat that can protect against chipping and prevent colour fading.

The secret to making your nail polish last longer in the bottle?

Store it in the fridge. Or at least don’t store in warm places. Heat can thicken the polish.

2. What are the White Marks on my Nails?

An unexplained white mark on your finger nails is usually a sign the nail has been hit or squeezed. If it shows through your clear polish, there’s not much you can do. But it will grow out eventually. Until it does, you can cover it up with a solid colour.

3. How Can I Keep All My Nail-Care Products Organized?

OK, this isn’t particularly about your nails, but we get asked about it a lot. And if you can’t find everything you need, how will you keep your nails looking their best?

You can look for beauty supply outlets that carry multi-compartment containers made of acrylic. Be sure to get one that is clear plastic so you can see what’s inside. There are some options at Ikea and Amazon.

Like we said, we like you to visit as often as possible. But at least your fingernails will look great until the next time you do.

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