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UV Digital Analysis

UV Digital Analysis

There is no disputing the damaging effects of the sun on your skin.

Ashgrove Spa’s Profect™ UV Digital Analysis system lets our skin specialists monitor and record the changes in your skin.

We will capture images of your skin in visible or ultraviolet wavelengths of light and save the images with the date in your file so we can compare the changes side by side. You will be able to see the contrasts and conditions of your skin clearly and accurately like never before.

This invaluable service also acts as an early warning system and early detection to certain skin cancers.

Natural Images of Your Skin

The Profect™ System creates high quality, reproducible images with each client and each treatment.
The system uses a controlled lighting environment so you will be able to see the targeted treatment areas just as clearly as you would see them in natural daylight.

Ultraviolet Images of Your Skin

Ultraviolet or U.V. images can show areas on your skin that are not easily visible otherwise.

uv-melaninMelanin: Improved images let us easily see sun spots, patchy discolourations, pigmented masks and pre-cancerous skin growths, which can lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

uv-waterWater: Your skin is made up mostly of water. U.V. shows water absorption in the skin so we can recognise dehydrated and drier areas.

uv-porphyrinsPorphyrins: Porphyins can block and enlarge pore sizes in the skin. This blockage can lead to acne and the greater pore sizes are unaesthetic and considered a sign of aging.