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How Massage Therapy Improves Your Overall Health

Massage therapy is the victim of stereotyping. Many people still mainly consider it as a way to rest and relax after a hard day’s work or workout. That’s definitely one of the benefits of massage, but it is not nearly the only one.

It’s not until you get an appreciation for the wide range of ways that massage can help you, ways that span many aspects of our physical and psychological health, that you realize it’s not simply a way to reward yourself, but it’s really a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Relieves Joint Pain

Whether it’s chronic or due to an injury or other condition, your joint pain can be reduced by massage. It stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the affected areas, which removes irritants and reduces inflammation.

Eases or Eliminates Headaches

When your muscles and joints, especially in your neck and shoulders, are relaxed, the tension that’s at the root of many headaches is released.

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Massage dramatically reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body, which in turn helps to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it boosts your mood too.

Increases Flexibility

Many of your aches and pains are the result of a motion for which your body wasn’t ready. The increased range of movement that massage gives your body helps to reduce those strains and sprains.

Helps You Sleep

It seems like more and more benefits of regular, uninterrupted sleep are being discovered every day. From a better mood to better looking skin, a good sleep is beneficial to your overall health. Many studies have found a link between regular massage therapy and reduced incidence of insomnia.

Boosts Your Immune System

Massage stimulates your body’s natural defense mechanisms, including its immune response. That means fewer colds and illnesses.

Improves Your Posture

Postural stress from sitting or remaining in the same position for extended periods can lead to joint pain, back aches and headaches. Massage helps to ease the stress and realign your body to reduce the symptoms.

We don’t have enough space here to go into every benefit of getting regular massage treatments. Just the improvement to your circulation delivers benefits from lower blood pressure to healthier skin and hair. But don’t forget the stereotype, it means you can get all these advantages – and come out it feeling nice and relaxed.

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