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5 Ways to Stop an Acne Attack

Yes, genetics are believed to be the cause of about 80% of acne cases. Yes, acne is more common during puberty due to an increase in hormone production.

But, no, none of that means that anyone is immune to an acne outbreak. Known by a number of different names, including blemishes, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and, yes, zits, acne can afflict just about anyone at just about any age.

Fortunately, if you’re past puberty and have no other underlying reason for an acne outbreak, it can be relatively easy to treat. In fact, many cases of adult acne are the result of external factors. Its main causes are dead skin cells and skin oil clogging your hair follicles. If you’re aware of the habits and practices that can promote acne, you can take steps to avoid them and not suffer a rash of pimples at the worst possible time.

1. Dirty Makeup Applicators

Whether it’s a brush or swab, as you use it on your skin, it can pick up the skin cells that can cause acne. Make sure you clean all your makeup brushes at least every two weeks and try to use clean swabs and cotton pads.

2. New Makeup Products

When you begin to use a new cosmetic product, your skin adjusts to it. And it may not adjust very well. Irritation can cause excess oil production or dryness that produces more dead skin, both of which may make you break out.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

Water helps to keep your skin moist and supple, which means your skin doesn’t have to produce as much acne-causing oil, and it reduces skin flakes.

4. A Dirty Cell Phone

If this sounds like an odd cause of acne, think about it. If your cell phone is against your cheek when you chat, it can pick up dead skin cells and push them into your hair follicles.

5. You Stopped Moisturizing

It’s a tough habit to get into and sometimes you just want to take a break from the routine. But again, dry skin can increase oil production, and pimples.

In any case, whether you get regular acne or it’s a rare occurrence, try not to let it get you down. Stressing about a pimple doesn’t help your looks any more than the zit does.

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